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It's about time

Fri Aug 31, 2012, 9:31 AM

It's about time to feature all of my watchers !!!
I can't thank you enough for all your support and , saying that , I really mean it !!!
It's been a long 10 months , but I am glad that I am improving and I'm starting to stand up to your expectations !!!

I shall begin with my first watcher !!! :happybounce:
:icontamiarts:  Gdansk VII by TamiArts Italy VII by TamiArts Italy VIII by TamiArts

And from now on , thanks to you all , my story begins :heart: :squee:

:iconemizael: Bonita demais by emizael The Morning Fog by emizael All You Need Is Love by emizael

:iconwohoowoo:  Angel Beats_Yuzuru x Kanade_Love is all around us. by wohoowoo :thumb323531929: Kon by wohoowoo

:icondarkreyzer:  Dark Reyzer 2 by DarkReyzer Muchiko Whip by DarkReyzer The King of Fighters - Whip by DarkReyzer

:iconmoirein: Locked my feelings away. by Moirein You are as delicate as a flower. by Moirein Ready for the world. by Moirein

:iconstonystoneisstoned2: Curves by StonyStoneIsStoned2 Resistant by StonyStoneIsStoned2 Market by StonyStoneIsStoned2

:iconmametake:  :thumb316651301: :thumb277556914: :thumb274199846:

:icongregoriussuhartoyo: Nature Painting by GregoriusSuhartoyo Praying monk at Ta Prohm by GregoriusSuhartoyo Morning Activity by GregoriusSuhartoyo

:iconlibertine1182: Hail to the Sunset by libertine1182 Honda Grand Prix Day, Street Shots by libertine1182 Seagull Games by libertine1182

:iconsk1zzo: Bumblebee by Sk1zzo Bucharest by Sk1zzo Cloudy Sunrise by Sk1zzo

:iconchemicalbreath: :thumb279507530: :thumb303678803: Someday by chemicalbreath

:iconstrugaartdollo: :thumb319696964: :thumb323155021: :thumb319692561:

:iconlivia01: people by Livia01 nature by Livia01 cathedral by Livia01

:iconjojopurple: My Baby Bumble Bee by jojopurple Moi and the Temple by jojopurple These Shards of Glass by jojopurple

:iconschism-photography: Ship under Fire by Schism-Photography Innocent Eyes by Schism-Photography Moon 5 by Schism-Photography

:icondeliciouslypsychotic: :thumb300417127: :thumb303690675: :thumb310358656:

:iconhizaan: Black Bride by Hizaan Just Follow Me by Hizaan Dream by Hizaan

:iconlapislazuli99: Some Apartment in Shanghai by lapislazuli99 Rope Around a Tree by lapislazuli99 Luminous Hanging Balls in Hong-Kong by lapislazuli99

:iconrais1: KASHMIR VALLEY by RAIS1 beach condominium by RAIS1 WaterfallS by RAIS1

:iconkaiscreations: Spurts of Venom by kaiscreations Painting Hands by kaiscreations Curtain Call by kaiscreations

:iconvalhallaforever: AshI looked through the windows of the Vellion, a light transport carrier for the Inter Galactic Police.  My hands and feet were cuffed and chained together and my head was restrained so I could only look ahead.  My eyes saw only the port hole and the stars outside.  My crime list was as long as the distance between two of the closest stars.  I was a bounty hunter and hitman.  My name is Ash.  Go ahead make fun all you want, just be glad I'm dead by now.  God only knows when my memoirs will be published… That is if they will be published.  I was being taken to the nearest V Class prison, Hell.  
Hell is a Maximum security prison inside a dead asteroid.  By dead, I mean an asteroid that will no longer travel through space due to any number of reasons.  This one was stuck in the gravitational field of a molten planet that was so useless it was never named.  And to mak
Ash 2Himmel is an IGP Detective.  Not sure what they do, other than fly all over the Empire's systems and chase criminals and harass hard working bounty hunters/hitmen, but Himmel has been chasing me for what seems like forever but really is closer to about 5 years.  Short, stocky, bald.  Three perfect words to physically describe him.  Mentally; hostile, serious, and driven.  He's a good cop, just to serious.  We've had so many run-ins across the Empire, we know each other quite personally.  
He walked over to me and released the shackles from the deck of the Vellion and lifted me as I've been seated for several hours.  Don't ask about how I relieved myself as it would sicken the hardiest of people.  
Himmel shuffled me to the door to the processing room of Hell.  I was met by two very large burly guards.  Their uniform tops were unbuttoned half way down their torsos revealing enti
Ash 3Haven III, a planet covered in perpetual darkness.  Not from lack of sun light.  But for some reason, heavy clouds cover the planet.  Not enough to cause an ice age, but enough to dim the sun light enough to cause extremely dark nights and very dim days.  But that's not the most impressive point of the planet.  It's the only planet that has no galactic power controlling it.  It's a planet that houses escaped convicts, bounty hunters, hitmen, and anyone wanted by the law.  The Galactic Empire would occasionally send a police force down to the surface but they always left empty handed.  The reasons for this were beyond my knowing.  And the Galactic Federation just stayed away.  I'm sure the Federation had some fingers in the underbelly of the planet, the gambling and drugs would always bring in large amounts of money.  But they never sent their police.  I always wondere

:iconzri3: :thumb246182952: :thumb312870254: :thumb299434072:

:iconsparkle-photography: Profile. by Sparkle-Photography Sunny Moss. by Sparkle-Photography *Purple Stalks* by Sparkle-Photography

:iconhellenproduction: :thumb287912238: :thumb287921009: :thumb287901598:

:iconsunnybarjatya: trees by sunnybarjatya monochrome by sunnybarjatya colourful life 3 by sunnybarjatya

:icond4nze: Cazeneuve cove by D4NZE Neo by D4NZE poser by D4NZE

:iconzevlevirogan: Blue Moon by ZEVLEVIROGAN Legacy by ZEVLEVIROGAN Abandoned by ZEVLEVIROGAN

:iconmetorus: Hoelderlin's Summer Dream by Metorus :thumb323296060: Brush Over Inferno II by Metorus

:iconatsuhirookada: The sky and building of the signal of Nagoya Stati by AtsuhiroOkada Sharp curve of the Nagoya Station crossing by AtsuhiroOkada Fireworks of the rain cloud sky by AtsuhiroOkada

:iconstfamous: B o s t o n  -  V by StFamous B o s t o n  -  I V by StFamous :thumb306147501:

:iconslingeraar: Uros Indian woman in Peru by slingeraar Tanning in Morocco by slingeraar The former Inca city in Peru Machu Picchu by slingeraar

:iconflegom: Forest by flegom Cactus I by flegom Hydrangea by flegom

:iconleabissiau: Dog and Snow by LeaBissiau :thumb319127122: :thumb317077635:

:iconkurosama-76: :thumb323590702: :thumb314716199: :thumb303811202:

:iconchaostashiki: Lost Keys by ChaosTashiki Pretty in Pink 2 by ChaosTashiki My Baby Loves by ChaosTashiki

:iconspartan-locke: cartoon strip14 by spartan-locke Cartoon strip by spartan-locke cartoon strip15wip by spartan-locke

:iconpiggyphoto: You Brighten My World by piggyphoto Strawberry Dessert by piggyphoto Spring is here by piggyphoto

:icontryingtobeanangel: :thumb321588090: :thumb315855761: :thumb308304116:

:iconhoshinoame: Ladybug by hoshinoame Little waterfalls in the forest by hoshinoame Sunrise 2 by hoshinoame

:iconadriantiberiu76: Spring flower 2 by adriantiberiu76 city under snow 1 by adriantiberiu76 albinuta 2 by adriantiberiu76

:icongogo100878: Augsburger Plaerer 2012 ferris wheel 1 HDR by gogo100878 strawbales monochrom 1 HDR by gogo100878 Machine VS nature HDR by gogo100878

:icondlozanophotographie: Occi by DLozanoPhotographie Calvi 15 Aout 2012 by DLozanoPhotographie Libellule3 by DLozanoPhotographie

:iconmicrobiologist: Moments of Meditation... by microbiologist For You... by microbiologist Rusty! by microbiologist

:iconjuan-chaves: :thumb322903647: :thumb298271945: :thumb319947262:

:iconmitsubishiman: Fireworks 7-7-12 D by mitsubishiman Full Moon August 1, 2012 by mitsubishiman In the morning Light by mitsubishiman

:iconaizen89: New Bucharest by Aizen89 Moon of the vampires by Aizen89 Something is wrong here! by Aizen89

:iconchocolate-revel: :thumb320111852: :thumb320103771: :thumb320103117:

:iconmaddy31400: America's Heroes by Maddy31400 D~A~I~S~Y by Maddy31400

:iconflendurica: SunSet by flendurica LoVe by flendurica Nikon by flendurica

:iconp3tty21: Beautiful Flowers by P3tty21 Getting around Oradea by P3tty21 Bear Caves by P3tty21

:iconjemmjemm: El Imposible by jemmjemm PEACE,LOVE AND MUSIC by jemmjemm mothers by jemmjemm

AS I SAID , THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT !!!!!!!! :happybounce:

CSS credit goes to:
Stock: Dragoroth-stock, little-spacey, mimose-stock, Dralliance-Stock, Dracoart-Stock, gaiastock, CAStock
Brushes: MouritsaDA-Stock
Coding & graphics: kuschelirmel-stock
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Aizen89 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012
Foarte frumos!
MadalinaGulerez Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Ma bucur ca-ti place! :squee:
Sparkle-Photography Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the feature :)
MadalinaGulerez Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
you're deeply welcome !! :hug:
microbiologist Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Many thanks 4 the feature :heart:
I'm really appreciate this :love:
MadalinaGulerez Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
thank YOU !!! :hug:
I just hope I've choose the photos that you also like :D
You're more than welcome !!
microbiologist Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Welcome anytime :D
Metorus Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012
Absolutely adorable compilation :rose:
Mulţumesc mult! :iconflowerthnxplz:

You are one of the brightest stars on the Deviantart sky :star:
MadalinaGulerez Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
awww!!! :aww: I'm so glad you like it !!
It truly was my pleasure !! :thanks: :squee: :heart:
aanndd, to answer in my own language : you're welcome ( cu plăcere ) :hug: :happybounce:
StonyStoneIsStoned2 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Aww thank you so much for the feature!! :hug:
MadalinaGulerez Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
It was my pleasure !!! thank you for your unconditional support !!! :squee:
StonyStoneIsStoned2 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Anytime :D
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